Food tips for women during pregnancy.

Food is a necessary things for all living creatures. But in the case of a pregnancy lady which food is more important and which is harmful for her, they should know. Generally during pregnancy the women are feels more appetite and they show their hankering towards food. Let's know  during pregnancy  time which food helps for growth of baby.

Egg:It contains more proteins, less calories and omega fatty acids. So a pregnant lady should eat more egg. Because it helps mental development as well as vision powers of baby.

Avocado :It contains folic acids which helps to keep the baby healthy.
And also it consists of vitamin C to increase immunity of a baby.

Sea Salt :Although too much eat of Sea salt increases blood pressure of a pregnant lady. But suitable quantity of Sea salt can helps  better growth of embryo.

Popcorn :popcorn is the best food during pregnancy because it contains fibres and antioxidant very much and celenium helps to strengthen the bones of growing child.

Palak :It contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibres and also antioxidants which are helps to development of immunity and psychological fitness.eating one bowl of Palak food removes sleepless problem of a man.

Curd :folic acids and vitamin D of curd helps the development of both mental and physical fitness of child. So  pregnant lady should eat more curd.

Sweet potatoes :it contains vitamins and minerals very much. It helps to keep healthy both mother and her child.

Beans :another type of protein food for better growth of embryo.

10 Tips to reduce your weight.

It is not easy to reduce your weight quickly. It needs some time and also patience. Yet we are worry to loose our weight quickly. So obey these 10 tips to reduce your weight .

(1)Dont eat too much oily and protein food outside the home.take home prepared food always. Drink fruit juices to reduce weight.remember that don't mix sugar with the juice.

(2)If you are not eating morning breakfast then it may be creat problem for your body, it increases weight rapidly. So always eat morning breakfast. Because morning breakfast contains some calories which are helps to remain healthy all day long.

(3)if u want to reduce your weight quickly then take fruits and liquid foods.

(4)take protein sacks in the replace of two times meal in a day.

(5)  Don't take sweets, oily foods, biscuits, cocktel and soft drinks etc too much .

(6)Natural juices like coconut or green coconut water, ginger juice and tulasi juice is useful for our body which can reduce your fatness. 

(7)In lunch eat fruit salads too much. 

(8)take lemon and honey juice with hot water in morning. 

(9)Go morning walk for one hour to reduce weight as well as to get dazzling skin. 

(10)drink water from the copper pot every morning. 

         Among from 10 ways if we will do any of the above for everyday, then bodies weight can be reduce. 


How much green Chili is useful for our body??

Generally green Chilies are pungent to our mouth but it is very useful for our body. Now a days red chilli is used in our food which is harm for our body. So we should eat green chili in place of red chilli. Because it contains vitamin A and  C and also with protein, carbon and vitamin B very much. These pigments helps us to remain healthy. Let's know what are the benefits we get from green chili.

(1)It helps in good digestion :whenever we eat green chili in food it helps digestion of food smoothly but red chilli disturbs our digestion .

(2)It relieves Ponder from our mind :now a days mental depression or Ponder is genuine for us. People are searching different ways to relieve it. But it has been researched that foods with green chili helps create endorphin in our body for which it helps to relieve Ponder or mental depressions.

(3)It fights against the cancer :antioxidant of green chili helps to strengthen the immunity of body. And fights against the cancer cells. Generally green chili helps to cure lungs those people are smoking more they should eat more green chili.

(4)Controls sugar level :it too much helpful for diabetes patient.dissolve some green chili pieces through out the night and remove all the seeds of green chili in the morning after that drink that water for a month. It will help control sugar level of diabetes patient. 

How we can maintain to our kidney healthy.

Kidney is an important part of our body. But it is seemed that many people are lose their life due to damage of kidney. If we don’t care properly to our kidney, it will be dangerous for our life. So,what should do for our kidney to keep healthy. 
According to doctor who are suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases their kidneys are damages quickly. So,how we will keep our kidney well and healthy. Read the lines carefully….
(1)Sufficient food for body can makes your kidney healthy and also take the food with ch protein and low fat.
(2)If you want to remain healthy, your kidney must to,body’s weight should not more with compared to age.
(3)If it seems any problems in the kidney then decrease salt content in your food.
(4)Take liquid food and juice for dysentery, fever and indigestion patients.
(5)You should exercise to keep your kidney healthy.
(6)Don’t smoke and eat tobacco, otherwise it will create less blood circulation in your body.
(7)Take medicines as need to yourbody.use of too much medicine damages our kidney.
(8)check your health regularly and take any medicine according to doctor.
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How we can prevent swine flu.

How we can prevent swine flu.

Swine flue is a viral disease and mainly starts from cold sickness. It happens due H1N1 influenza primary stage its symptoms are-
(a)water comes spontaneously from nose.
(b)there is problem in respiration also.
(c)and fever is present in patients body.
(d) eyes of patients will remain reddish. 
swine flu patients are kept in a separate room.and should not allow them for play,to study in a public place.they should use mask and other peoples are should wear mask when they go to public or crowd place.the utensils and clothes of patients should kept separately until the patient cured.and patient should use hot water for both drink and bath. 

New Treatment for kidney cancer.

Generally kidney cancer cannot determine in primary and secondary stage. And it cannot success in last stage and the patients dies very quickly. A team of health researchers of Hawaii university has developed a new treatment process for success cure of kidney cancer. Cancerous cells are destroyed by gold and titanium metals.and there is not possible of effect in healthy cells.Lately determined kidney cancer disease can be cured by this new treatment process.

We can determine diseases characteristics from foot.

If a men effected in different diseases then his or her bodies organ colour and functions will easily determines which type of disease may attack him or her. Let's we will see 8 different properties of foot determines which type of diseases :

(1)if your foot Nelson (panjha) pains rapidly then it identify the kidney problem as well as diabetes of body. In this case one or two foot pains.

(2)pain of the finger of foot determines arthirits problem.

(3)if colour of the foot changes then it determines diabetes and improper blood circulation.

(4)if joints of leg or foot feels abnormal then it determines diabetes and colconium.
(5)if entire foot portion pains then it determines diabetes, weakness ,arthirits and imbalance in blood and it happens due to short of calcium and iron pigments. 

(6)  if different parts of the foot pains then it riumatic arthirits  and heart problems. 

(7)  sometimes bracula happens in our foot it detects the abnormal conditions of vein and artery. 
(8)Pins and needles condition of foot determines diabetes and improper blood circulation and it occurrs due deficiency of vitamin D.